Village Parent


It takes a VILLAGE to raise a PARENT!

As we previously mentioned, you are not supposed to do this alone. Surrounding yourself with a community of like-minded people will bring some relief in your daily life. Here, we share with you a list of valuable resources we have used ourselves in different areas of our lives or that we simply think are worth to share. If you know of a resource that should be listed below, please contact us!

You've just lost it.. Now What?

A guide to repair and reconnecting with your child after losing your temper. 

Five Parenting Strategies

A guide to help you reconnect with yourself, your needs, and become the peace you want to have in your home. 


Conscious Parenting Fundamentals (Coming Soon)

This is an all online 4 week course where you will learn the fundamentals of Conscious Parenting/Education. You will be able to grasp what is hidden behind every behaviours. This is an invitation to shift your way of understanding triggers and reactivity, which creates disconnection, resentment and conflicts; to a new way of interacting with others which restores connection, trust and respect.

The A.R.T. of Self-Care : cultivate your personal well-being while caring for others (Coming Soon)

Join us for this fantastic all online 4-week program where you can develop and implement your own Self-Care Plan! Caring for others while meeting our own needs is an A.R.T. that requires: Awareness, Routine and Trust. Practicing Self-Care is a good way to maintain your health and well being, manage your stress and create PEACE AND HARMONY within yourself. With this program, you will learn to identify good practices that can support you as a parent, educator and person and become a real of Self-Care.

Baby Sign Language Workshop (Coming Soon)

This 60-minute workshop is designed for parents, grandparents and educators. We invite you to discover the basics of baby sign language and its benefits for brain development. Help your child to communicate and build a strong attachment together.

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