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Our philosophy

It takes a VILLAGE to raise a PARENT, a conscious parent. It is with this need to build a strong village for parents around the world that Karen and Andreanne come together and join their passion under the banner of Village Parent.

We support parents busting the shame cycle they sometimes find themselves trapped in and softening their reactivity. This way they can choose how they want to show up for them first, their children and any person in their life. We don’t have to be at the mercy of our triggers!

The foundation of parent coaching is built upon fostering and maintaining meaningful connections. Within this framework, we recognize and honor the needs of every family member with respect and understanding.

Taking the first steps toward conscious parenting involves creating a home environment that places collaboration above control, empathy above judgment, and calm above chaos.

In all our work helping parents, we value; 

  • Collaboration instead of domination;
  • Communication instead of coercion;
  • Connection instead of correction.

Join us in exploring the world of conscious parenting as you embark on a journey towards achieving a more harmonious and fulfilling family life.

Karen (she)

Mom of 2 young adults, Karen has been a dedicated Youth and Family Counselor for over 30 years. She is now a Certified Master Conscious Parenting Coach and has studied Attachment based developmental approach with the renowned Dr. Gordon Neufeld. Coyle Parenting was born out of her passion. She is a strong advocate for children, parents and families and likes to refer to herself as a Shame Buster! Karen’s special interest is in supporting teens, young adults and their parents creating intentional & genuine moments through connections & presence. She has a magnificent ability to listen, hold space and be compassionate.


  • Special educator
  • Certified Master Parent Coach
  • Youth and Family Counselor (30 years)
  • Waldorf School Counselor
  • Certified ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training)
  • Certified Neufeld Intensive level II (Attachment based developmental approach)

Andreanne (she)

Andreanne, beside being the mom of 2 wonderful young boys, is a certified Master Conscious Parenting Coach. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in psychoeducation, has studied Interpersonal neurobiology with world-renowned expert Dr. Daniel Siegel; and is a Certified Practitioner in Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i 2.0 + 360). Co-Presence Coaching was born out of her passion. She has been supporting families for almost 20 years in different organizations and countries. Andreanne’s special interest is in supporting parents of young children (0-12yo) busting the shame cycle and softening their reactivity, so they can choose how they want to show up for their children instead of being at the mercy of their triggers. She believes that beneath all of our reactions lies a childhood wound and, by exploring our past, we can grow our confidence and leadership, so we can raise the next generation of healthy, thriving adults. With her support, you will create peace, collaboration and harmony (she won’t lie, among the chaos) in your home.


  • B. Ed Psychoeducation
  • Certified Master Parent Coach
  • +15 years supporting families
  • Emotional Intelligence Certification (EQ-i 2.0 + 360)
  • Comprehensive course in Interpersonal Neurobiology


Yes, it’s entirely possible to participate in the program, whether your partner/spouse chooses to join or not. This decision is entirely up to you, and should be based on your personal situation and preferences. It’s worth noting that the presence of both parents is not a prerequisite for achieving the desired parenting results. ONE dedicated adult is enough to have a positive impact.

We can help you with :

  • Breaking the cycle of shame and guilt after experiencing remorse following a negative reaction to our children;
  • Understanding why you react the way you do and softening your response in ways that aligns with how you want to parent;
  • Understanding why your children behave the way they do and learning age-appropriate expectations according to child and brain development;
  • Increasing your self-awareness regarding the root causes of the patterns within your family dynamics;
  • Boosting your confidence as a parent;
  • Equipping yourself with strategies that can serve you throughout your entire parenting journey and that offer long-term effectiveness, rather than quick fixes or temporary solutions;
  • Practicing effective communication strategies so you won’t feel the urge to raise your voice, repeat yourself, or resort to threats and punishments;
  • Developing the ability to forgive and repair which will bring more peace, harmony and collaboration within your life;
  • Fostering confidence, resilience, and emotional intelligence within your children;
  • Truly enjoying spending time and being playful with your children no matter their age rather than being apprehensive about it;
  • Cultivating self-care habits while caring for your children;
  • Establish an enduring parenting heritage rooted in profound connection and unwavering love.

A straightforward way to view this is to consider that therapy primarily focuses on exploring past experiences, while coaching provides strong support for moving forward from the present moment.

In this analogy, seeking help from a doctor for a broken leg represents addressing specific issues or traumas from the past through therapy. On the other hand, a physiotherapist symbolizes the role of a parenting coach in assisting individuals in building strength and resilience in their parenting skills.

Conscious parenting is a child-rearing philosophy that advocates for parents to make thoughtful and emotionally intelligent choices when it comes to raising their children. This approach emphasizes the importance of initially addressing and managing PARENTS’ own behavior, thoughts, and emotions. The reason for this focus on parental behavior is that our life experiences greatly influence the reasons behind our actions, including how we raise our children. Many of us unknowingly repeat patterns acquired from our own parents, and our childhood traumas often unconsciously shape our decision-making.

What sets Conscious Parenting apart from other approaches is its focus on adults. Instead of solely scrutinizing a child’s behavior and attempting to modify it, this method delves into the emotions, thoughts, and needs that arise in parents as they observe their children. By tending to these aspects, there is a shift in energy, which enables children to develop essential skills for their future as adults, such as collaboration, problem-solving, conflict resolution, creativity, and more.

We presently provide highly effective online coaching sessions through Zoom. These sessions allow you to enjoy the full benefits of this transformative experience from the comfort of your own space. 

Additionally, for speaking events or workshops, we are more than willing to arrange in-person meetings at your convenience

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